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Erdemir, the main company of the OYAK Mining Metallurgy and one of the most valuable industrial assets of Turkey, was established in 1960 under a special law, in order to be the first domestic producer of flat steel, which the Turkish industry necessitates at that time. Erdemir produces plates, hot and cold rolled, tin, chromium and zinc coated flat steel and supplies basic inputs to automotive, white goods, pipes and tubes, rolling, manufacturing, electrics-electronics, mechanical engineering, energy, heating equipment, shipbuilding, defense, and packaging industries.

Investing for Growth

Erdemir has been adding value to the Turkish and global economy since 1965 with its high-quality production of steel, and, continues with its investments in order to meet the ever increasing demand for flat steel, contribute to the development of the domestic industry, increase product and service diversity and improve production and productivity of high added value products, and to constantly keep up with the most recent technological developments. Erdemir now has 4 million tons of crude steel capacity, and 5 million tons of final products capacity, which were 0.5 million tons and 0.4 million tons respectively, when it was first founded.

Erdemir stocks have been among the most important investments instruments of Borsa İstanbul since the foundation of the stock exchange. In 2006, Erdemir joined OYAK, one of the largest groups in Turkey. Thanks to restructuring and centralization efforts following privatization, Erdemir now is more agile and dynamic, and adopts a customer and market oriented management approach.

First R&D Center of the Steel Industry

In 2014, Erdemir opened the first R&D Centre in the Turkish steel industry. Erdemir, the first and the largest integrated flat steel producer of our country in fact functions like a school for the Turkish steel industry with its substantial investments, modern technology, human resources, and know-how. Erdemir is the perfect corporate citizen with its corporate structure, sustainability approach and practices, responsible and accountable management open for continuous improvement, innovation, and open communication, and with its unique corporate culture.

Awarded Pioneer

Erdemir continues to pioneer the industry with its awards received from prestigious institutions and organizations. OYAK Mining Metallurgy was the runner up in “flat products” category in the 2013 Export Stars of the Year Awards organized by the İstanbul Minerals and Metal Exporters Associations (İMMİB).

Erdemir was also awarded the second prize in the “Large Enterprises Process Improvement” category in the Productivity Project Awards held for the first time in 2014 by the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology to improve competitiveness of our country and to ensure sustainability in economy based on productivity.

Erdemir Group

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